Nakasero Hospital has organized a Cardiac Diagnostic Center Symposium under the theme ‘Understanding the capability of interventional procedures in managing heart disease’ which also marked the launch of its Cardiac Cath Lab.

Speaking at the symposium, Dr. Charles Olaro, Director Curative Services at the Ministry of Health applauded Nakasero Hospital for investing in a Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory as it will increases accessibility of the service to Ugandans thus supplementing government efforts:

“Cardiovascular diseases had the greatest impact on the economic burden of NCDs in Uganda, contributing about 65% of the burden of that amount lost, which is about UGX2 trillion. So, this investment is worthwhile as it brings services closer to the people. NCDs kill about 97,000 Ugandans per year with cardiovascular diseases contributing about 10% of this, followed by cancer at 9%, and Communicable diseases at 2% and diabetes at 2%. By acting now, the government of Uganda can reduce the burden of NCDs. But if you looked at the other four risks, tobacco control was the highest related investment of about 18% then alcohol followed by physical activity,” he said.

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“We now need to work on affordability. Government of Uganda cannot do it alone and that’s why we need the public private partnership like the investment at Nakasero of a cardiac and wellness center. As a country, we are in the process of developing the specialized hospital bill. Once done, we shall have a framework of how we optimize the equipment, and human resources. So, when we have that then it shall be allowable that within that framework, you will find that probably one consultant can work at different facilities as long as there is a clear schedule. I congratulate Nakasero on this new investment and as a ministry, we applaud you and the founders for this initiative,” he applauded.

As one of the leading health providers in the industry, Nakasero Hospital has over the years taken steps to improve its capability in handling a wide range of heart related complications by introducing services that can diagnose and treat these conditions.

The hospital installed a Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, commonly referred to as a Cath Lab, which is an examination room in a hospital or clinic with diagnostic imaging equipment used to visualize the arteries of the heart and the chambers of the heart and treat any abnormality found. This new modality completes the technical capability in one of the hospital’s Centers of Excellence-Cardiology. The Cath Lab is complemented by the existing Cardiac and Wellness Center which is the diagnostic arm of our cardiology department.

“We have been growing upwards and increasing our services over time. The objective for setting up Nakasero was to provide quality medical services and minimize referrals of patients abroad. We want to thank management for having designed this extra service in the hospital – Cardiac center. There may be some cardiac problems that may not allow you to go out of the country, so you cannot completely avoid local services even if you have the money. We are trying to bridge that gap so that services are available for all. Secondly, this is a facility that is supplementing what government has done in Mulago hospital for instance, supplementing rather than competing,” remarked Mbonye Ben, Chairman Nakasero Hospital.

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