The Convocation of Kyambogo university has recognized and given out accolades to the best performing students for their outstanding performance, during the 18th graduation ceremony.

Convocation Chairperson, Mr. Kenneth Mbogo applauded the best performers, saying that this is a great achievement and as Convocation, they do not take it for granted.

“It’s our mandate as convocation in every graduation to come out and appreciate the efforts of the best performing students,” said Mr Mbogo.

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He said that oftentimes, coming out to award and recognize the best performers every year at such a function, has encouraged many students to strive hard for this reputation, hence achieving the best grades.

This year’s best performing students are; Semwanga David, Bachelor of Textile and Apparel Design from Faculty of Science, Nakaddu Zaitunie (best overall student CGPA 4.83 out of a total of five), Bachelor of Business Administration and Muhereza Gibson Epaphras from Special Needs Education, Bushenyi Center. They obtained a Cumulative Grade point average (CGPA) of 4.85 out of five.

“I wish to congratulate these students for performing well. Thank you for not wasting time, and being focused,” said Professor Eli Katunguka.

Vice chancellor Prof Eli Katunguka also revealed that, out of Twelve Thousand and Eighty students (12,080), two hundred fifty (285) got first class degrees in various bachelor programs.

Dr. Mary Gorreti Nakabugo, the chairperson of the 5th university council noted that such outstanding performance is not easy, and therefore as a university they feel high and happy for their performances.

“I want to add my voice to that of Vice Chancellor Prof Eli Katunguka, chairperson of the convocation, Chancellor among others, to congratulate our best performers of this 18th graduation ceremony. Thank you for your outstanding performance,” Dr Nakabugo said.

Kyambogo University took it to their social media platforms and shared their happiness and thanked the university convocation for recognizing these students.

“We appreciate the Kyambogo University Convocation under the Leadership of Mbogo Kenneth as the Chairperson for recognizing the best performing students during the 18th Graduation ceremony. And once again congratulations to the best students,” they posted.

In a ceremony that ran from 7th-9th, for the very first time, Kyambogo university awarded five students with doctorate in Humanities, Food Science and Education. During the 17th graduation, only two students were awarded with Doctorate.

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