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Africa must unshackle itself from the epoch of neo colonialism

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By Dr.David Nyekorach-Matsanga in London

This Sunday I take an aim at America and it’s hegemony on Africa.I want to educate the African next generation how our continent has found itself where it is today . The manipulative history of America’s imperialism, aggression, meddling, sabotage, coup d’etats have led to plundering of Africa .

I am going to use the annals of history and declassified CIA documents that are available and that remind us of the loath, disgust and the bile with which they treated and continue to treat vibrant, ambitious and promising Africa leaders.

The coups in post colonial Africa were all manufactured against states that were perceived to be pro-Russia . Ghana got the first one in 1965. Uganda got a shocker in 1971 .The history of America systems helping the bloodletting brutality regimes , treacherous and frivolous framing of leaders and their eventual overthrow was nothing but infelicitous.

The heart breaking one was DRC which still bleeds . Look at what they did to Patrice Lumumba in Congo, even unfortunate is the ploy against Kwame Nkurumah in Ghana.

Despite their acknowledgment of his charisma and meritocracy as a leaders , they still deemed it fit to help to kill Patrice Lumumba and topple Nkrumah in the most disgraceful way.

According to the CIA declassified documents, they say “Kwame Nkrumah was a futurist, a born visionary. His plan as leader of Ghana was to make it an industrial hub within a generation. He dreamt of a united and successful African continent and the narrative he was creating for Africa was a foreign policy concern for the United States of America”.

In a Memorandum from the President’s Acting Special Assistant for National Security Affairs (Komer) to President Johnson, the coup that led to Nkrumah’s downfall was described as a fortuitous windfall because, “Nkrumah was doing more to undermine our interests than any other black African.

In reaction to his strongly pro-Communist leanings, the new military regime is almost pathetically pro-Western.” In other words, the military regime was a shadow of the West, a whole puppet show mistaken for governance.”

What sickened me is the level of celebrations .Astonishingly when this happened behind the iron curtain of intelligence secrecy, we had some Africans who ran to the streets to “celebrate” the fall of Nkurumah.

Little did they know that it was their own downfall in retrospect, an avalanche of coups and instability would follow later. Ghana was the second country to be destabilized by USA after they allowed the Belgians to kill Patrice Lumumba .

As this was happening in Ghana, hundreds of miles away in DRC, the CIA had connived with General Mobutu Sese Sseko and Patrice Lumumba’s head was eventually earmarked with a price tag.

What happened thereafter is what Congo has become today, a banana republic embroiled in a never ending cycle of chaos. In tracing these coups one finds himself unveiling hidden details of USA hallmarks in all African coups .

Why has Africa become so susceptible to the imperialist lies? It is sad that whoever stands objectively against USA hegemony in Africa is branded a “dictator” or a Communist sympathizer and brought down.

The truth remains that most of those who tried have saved Africa . Nyerere in Tanzania through UJAMA VILLAGES was able to bring his about a SOCIAL COBTRACT that no African nation has on the continent .

Whereas most of the good leaders in Africa whose only objective was to save Africa from the slavery and servitude were removed forcefully , the fact remained they educated Africa about the western hegemony.

The painful events of Libya that is still divided into two parts by USA and France is beyond human imagination . Muammar Gaddafi, Kwame Nkurumah, Patrice Lumumba and several others that have died, will be recorded as indeed the true “Messiahs”, that came to save Africa, but were frivolously framed by the West and betrayed by their own people . Hated abroad, and lynched back at home.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi for example, left a LEGACY nobody in Africa will ever outmatch .It can be said that he had his flaws, but his collective pursuits were far bigger than his individual interests.

The curse his brutal murder has brought Libya and Sarkozy plus Obama and Cameroon who ordered the destruction of Libya is huge . This is strong enough testimony that the West will never allow any country to stand strong, especially from any part of the African soil.

Today in Libya there are laws, no virtue, and no government, just anarchy and endless perils. Africans are sold there, and their organs harvested for buyers in Europe, Asia and America. Libya has become a modern day slavery route and a conduit for human trafficking.

If history teaches us then let the Hillary Clinton see what she did in Libya . Gaddafi did not only have meticulous ambitions for Libya and Africa, but also practical on how to achieve them.

Libyan leader wanted an Africa that can trade with their own currency, Africa that can determine their oil prices, Africa that will sell oil with a gold currency, and one that can be free socially, economically, and politically.

For such lofty ambitions for Africa, Gaddafi knew he would one day pay a price for it, just like Lumumba and Nkrumah did pay with their lives . He made it clear to his people that the West would eventually come for his head, and later come for their oil, many in Africa thought it was a lie. Just visit Tripoli city today, a prophecy has been fulfilled in its exact form.

My article here tackles examples of American hand to keep Africa confused and disunited . I am not a communist but a scholar who wants history to be recorded .Gaddafi was the last man who wanted a free Africa, but was betrayed by his own people and killed in the desert like a dog by the West.

Unfortunately, as fate would have it, the remaining African leaders today are either SCARED or cowards , puppets of the West. Very few can obstinately stand to some of the U.S.A. machinations and the West. They don’t have a clue of what leadership is to a country, then to its people.

The AU through AUC has dampened our efforts for a United Africa .Very but a few of the Presidents or African Heads Of States, have a Pan-African vision . They sing Pan-Africanism on their lips in conferences while their bellies frost with imperialist goodies.

The AUC headed then by a French Mole Jean Ping was dumbfoundedly quiet and confused , and some leaders chose to be quiet and unashamedly forged an alliance with the West in the death of Gaddafi and Libya .

The danger of Africa is to be outspoken . Late Robert Mugabe was ridiculed, besmirched, isolated both home and abroad, he died a lonely man, today Zimbabwe is back to square one with bad opposition politics almost rocking the very existence of the country.

As I down my pen on this matter, I hope and pray that African leaders who will read this article especially those YOUNG ONES will put up a resource machinery to resuscitate and imbue Pan-Africanism for Africa’s sake.

The truth is tantamount if not manifest, that our overdependence in every aspect has robbed us not only proper leadership, but also a resolve for self determination. We are still in the SHACKLES OF IMPERIALISM .

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