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Letter to all AU heads of state, gov’t and AUC Chairperson

Must read

I hope this letter finds AU, AUC in good health and high spirits. I write to AU, AUC today with a deep sense of concern and urgency regarding the impending chaos in the Sahel region in general. 

2. As an African and one who stands for peace and arbiter of truth, I hold a tremendous responsibility in safeguarding the peace principles upon which our continent, was built. 

3. My Pan African spirit will not fade away until Africa and AUC are fully liberated from the fangs of French colonial policy. The death of Gaddafi left a huge deficit on the continent. We seem to have lost the stamina to speak with one voice. Each state is speaking in its own language different from that of UNITY.

4. The chaos created by military coups in that region has the potential to shape the worst course of direction for OUR African Union (AU) and the very existence of our beloved Africa. We at crossroads as of now with nobody to help up but ourselves to RESCUE our organization from the FOREIGN CAPTURE 

5. The eyes of most Africans and indeed the entire world are upon AUC, to deliver Africa from the current stalemate FINDS itself in. It is imperative that AU rises above any external influences, biases, or pressures that may seek to compromise the integrity of African Union (AU).

7. Africa is at a critical juncture as its electoral and democratic journeys seem

to be shaky and overwhelmed by deficit of TRUST. The element of trust and confidence in most African elections has diminished. It calls for more education on the differences between elections and democracy.

8. It sad that the above factors are absent in our Elections and institutions in Africa. The lack of trust and lack of confidence in electoral institutions have reversed the democratic space we had after the coups of 1960s&70s where military coups were Africa’s flagship. 

9. We are sinking at a fastest speed. If we are not careful in 5 years to come almost all AU states will have coups. There is no election in Africa today that ends well apart from South African and Tanzanian systems. What are the causes of the violence during and after elections.

10. Almost all elections held in Africa in the last 10 years and especially in West African states have deficit crisis where peoples will have been undermined by those who supervise these elections. This has had the potential to invite the army and ignite civil unrest in most countries.

11. The erosion of credibility in electoral institutions, has plunged most nations into chaos and the armies have moved in. The consequences of such a scenario would be catastrophic and have led to the loss of innocent lives and destruction of property.

12. The AU has watched haplessly while our African countries one by one end up with people on the streets or the army knocking on the doors of Presidential Palaces. Africa has become a fractured society from which recovery may be arduous, if not impossible.

13. AU Peace, Political and Security commissions have become morimbund and failed to act as impartial arbiters in election monitor &observation missions in Africa but instead copy pasted the familiar statement that is read in all elections in Africa. There are no early warning signals about coups or violence by the AUC.

14. The AU Charter demands that AUC remain steadfast in upholding the principles of, fairness, and transparency. In doing so, AU and AUC will ensure that democracy in Africa remains intact, and the flame of hope continues to burn brightly in the hearts of every African.

15. AUC Chairperson must remember that history will judge you not only for the legacy you leave but what you have delivered and also for the repercussions it creates afterwards. The people of Africa have placed their faith in the AU, AUC trusting that TWO will be the guardians of truth but you have let them down.

16.  I implore you to look at the far-reaching negative effects of militarism that is destroying the unwavering integrity of our hopeful masses .AU has been captured and is not able to take decisions on its own. 

17. Let us look at Sudan, it is still burning since 15 April 2023 and very little efforts have been put across to resolve the crisis. Libya remains divided into two by France and there are no efforts to reunite it. General Khalifa Hafta remains a hired mercenary in the region whose rebel troops killed General Idris Derby in cold blood. 

18. The type of sanctions you imposed on Chad where AUC Chairperson was born were not the same as those imposed on other states where coups have happened. These types of double standards have opened AU to ridicule to the extent that the Generals in Sudan prefer dealing with the Arabs across the Red Sea than dealing with AU or IGAD.

19. How then does Africa get out of this mess? I suggest you resign and concentrate on building your capacity to become the President of Chad after the sad and mysterious death of my friend Idris Derby in cold blood at the hands of General Haft’s trained men in South Libya.

20. What is wrong with Africa? The answer is here. The CONSTITUTIONS of almost all the countries are COPY & PASTE from USA of the type of WESTMINISTER ABBEY SYSTEMS which leads to the CHAOS we have today.

21. Why should African countries hold expensive ELECTIONS then CHALLENGE the same ELECTION RESULTS in a SUPREME COURT? It is here Where FEW Judges decide the FATE of an EXPENSIVE ELECTION? This is one of root causes that African GOVERNMENTS must heal.

22. Finally let us RECAPTURE our AU, and AUC institutions that have been CAPTURED by FRANCE and other FOREIGN AGENCIES.

Thanking you in Advance 

Yours truly 

Dr. David Nyekorach -Matsanga 

 Founder& Chairman Pan African Forum Ltd



London United Kingdom.

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