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EXCLUSIVE: Lukwago to swear-in Kizza Besigye on Thursday

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Drama is expected to ensure on President-elect Yoweri Museveni’s May 12 swearing-in after FDC’s former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye officially announced that he will also be inaugurated on the same date.

In a statement seen by EagleOnline, Mr Besigye claims he won the elections by 52 per cent and his ‘People’s Government’ will be ushered into power by Capital City of Kampala, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

“The launch of the People’s Government will take place in the Capital City of Kampala, led by the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. Come to the City to be witness to this historic occasion”

In the past days, several opposition leaders were arrested as security forces increased a crackdown on political dissent after FDC officials called for countrywide protests ahead of the Thursday presidential inauguration.

The opposition kingpin on Tuesday morning took to social media and spilled what he calls convincing statistical evidence that the election was gravely interfered with in favor of the incumbent.


Uganda Election: Besigye presents evidence, claiming it was rigged

Dr Besigye still under house arrest

US gov’t condemns Uganda ban on Besigye media coverage

Below is Dr Besigye’s full statement.

Regaining Control Over Our Country

The Museveni/NRM regime has ignored the path Forum for Democratic Change has recommended that could help return our country to constitutional rule, following the fraudulent 2016 presidential election and subsequent gross violations of the constitution.

Mr. Museveni, together with some members of his NRM regime, is going ahead to use the armed forces to overthrow the will of the people of Uganda. They seek to retain power by force of arms!

The people of Uganda decided, through the election of 18/02/2016, to change the leadership of our country. They clearly said: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to the 30-year leadership of Mr. Museveni.

After 30 years of Museveni/NRM rule, Ugandans are crying out loudly due to biting poverty, massive unemployment, collapse of education and health care, collapse of agriculture, collapse of businesses and economic development, excessive taxes, collapse of the physical infrastructure (roads, rail, water transport etc), insufficient and unaffordable power (electricity), etc.

That’s why Ugandans are desirous to regain control of their country. The country cannot remain captive to a handful of corrupt warlords in the NRM regime.

Mr. Museveni may have control of our armed forces and our national resources, but he does not have the support of the people of Uganda. There is also evidence that the majority of members of the armed forces voted for change.

Since it’s clear that the path to amicably and conclusively establish the outcome of the 2016 elections has been ignored, we have no choice but to do what the people of Uganda mandated us to do.

On the 12/05/2016, we shall establish leadership of our country as mandated- a transitional government of national unity. A leadership that will restore to the people of Uganda, the control of our national resources and our national institutions. The people of Uganda are entitled to share our national resources equitably and to enjoy equal opportunities.



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