HUSBAND AND WIFE: The Mbuga's pose to give a speech

Police is holding Angela Vivian Chebet the wife to detained socialite Sulaiman Kabangala aka SK Mbuga over defrauding 53 million Krona (Shs23 billion) from a Swedish boyfriend, Sten Heinsoo, aged 72.

Mbuga was last year arrested in Dubai and detained at Awiir Central jail, over allegations of fraud and is currently grappling with the same cases involving $2.6M in gold deals.

Together with his wife, Angela Vivienne Chebet, 33, the couple is accused of fraudulent transfer of money amounting to 53 million Kronor (about Shs23 billion) from a company account Chebet was running with her 71-year old Swedish boyfriend, Sten Heinsoo.

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According to the spokesperson of the directorate of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Vincent Ssekate, Vivian was arrested on Friday from their home in Muyenga and is currently detained at Katwe police station.

He said they were contacted by Bowman, a law firm representing Einor Mattson AB Construction Company, a Swedish company claiming that Vivian and SK Mbuga diverted US $6 million that is about Shs23 billion.

It is believed that the said money is what the couple used on their luxurious wedding that was held in Kampala in 2016, with sources intimating that it is because the wedding took place shortly after Heinsoo made the last transfer of money.

Chebet was last arrested in Sweden, prosecuted and was temporarily released bail. She was banned from traveling outside the country however, fled and came back to Uganda.

Police working with Swedish prosecutors, the detainee is expected to be extradited back to Sweden to answer all the alleged charges that were brought against her.