Judicial officials at Mbale High Court in the recent past.

Moses Wanda of Nashikhaso Village on Monday ran away from inside Mbale High Court upon hearing of mention of his name in land matter that he dubiously sold belonging to one Suzan Namusisi of same village and also elder sister of Beatrice Anywar.

Wanda claims to have been awarded two pieces of land belonging to Suzan located in Luyekhe Village, Bungokho sub-county for costs of digging pit latrine for Suzan at her residence in Nashikhaso Village, Bungokho sub-county by Busoba court.

The dubious court arrangement was orchestrated by Highland Auctioneers and Bailiffs located along Naboa Road headed by one WEDAIRA Nelson. It is believed around 2007, they forged court proceedings, ruling, auction of said land against uninformed owner Suzan who stays in Switzerland.

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The current tenants testified in court that while they were buying, they were warned of such dubious auction but trusted that since it was court arrangement, they were safe. Wanda has been hiding in name of area Member of Parliament also Minister of State for Trade Michael K. Werikhe who authorities discovered was oblivious of the crime Wanda had committed.

However, the minister does not support such dubious arrangement as he supports local investors like Ms Namusisi who is among Ugandans in diaspora.

Land conflicts have become rampant in Bungokho area orchestrated by some leaders who want to benefit from them in monetary terms.