Mr Moses Wafula Mapesa
Mr Moses Wafula Mapesa
Mr Moses Wafula Mapesa
Mr Moses Wafula Mapesa

Recently, Ugandans were filled with grief over the death of Bbale Francis, Rose Mary Nankabirwa, renowned news anchors who succumbed to cancer at a time the public had responded to the call to raise funds for her medication.

In a similar situation is former Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Executive Director and Environmental Conservationist, Moses Wafula Mapesa. An operation code named “Save Moses Mapesa” to raise support funds for his medication has today been launched by a team of friends, colleagues, former workmates and family.

Mapesa urgently needs a bone marrow transplant as a result of Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a disease he has suffered for eight years now. Although he may be able to raise some funds towards his treatment, the required 100,000 US dollars is huge.

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According to Sam Mwandha, a family member, it was first discovered that Mapesa had a problem with his blood in 2008. He had gone to South Africa for an operation when the doctors realized he did not have enough platelets to clot the blood.

“The length between the intervals he gets his transfusions have become shorter and shorter. Doctors have now advised that he gets a bone marrow transplant,” Mwandha said.

Mwandha says that Mapesa now needs a weekly blood transfusion which costs a sum of Shs600,000 in Kampala. Mapesa currently lives in Busia, Eastern Uganda; which means he has to travel to Kampala after every six days.

According to Eunice Mahoro Duli, the Chairperson of this noble cause, individuals of goodwill, institutions, companies, government and other concerned citizens should support and save the life of 49 year old Mapesa.

“We believe that Mr. Mapesa is a friend to many and has impacted on many people positively during his career with the organizations he has served and in his social life. This is the time for each and every one of us to respond to a friend and public servant by making a contribution towards his treatment,” Mahoro said.

According to Dr. Henry Ddungu of Uganda Cancer Institute, the cause of this ailment is medically unknown. He says a bone marrow transplant is not a simple procedure and that is why it is expensive.

“Mapesa is in a category of high risk. That is why we need to intervene immediately before it progresses,” Ddungu said.

For any financial assistance, please use mobile number 0700 754182, which belongs to Sylvia Mapesa (his wife); or call Sam Mwandha on 0776 890424.

Who is MosesWafula Mapesa?

49 year old Mapesa is a husband to Sylvia Nafula Mapesa and together they have seven children. He is currently into private consultant in the areas of tourism and conservation management. Mapesa is also volunteering at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) where he is serving as the Vice Chairperson in charge of the East and South African region.

He started work as a researcher in 1988. He joined Uganda National Parks as a research officer in 1996. He was deployed as a warden for Queen Elizabeth national Park, Chief Warden for Kibale and Kidepo national Park, from where he moved on to head Mt. Elgon as the Chief warden.

In 2000, he was promoted to coordinator Planning Monitoring and Research. In 2002, he was directed to deputy Director, Field Operations. In 2005, he was appointed Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Authority where he served up to 2010 when he left.

While at UWA, Mapesa served as board chair for Bwindi trust fund to support the conservation of Bwindi and Gahinga national parks. He also represented UWA globally in the IUCN.


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