Fred Enanga Police Spokesperson
Fred Enanga Police Spokesperson
Fred Enanga Police Spokesperson

She used to steal glances at me – Fred Enanga
The soft spoken spokesperson of Uganda Police Force Fred Enanga is always in the media talking about foiled robberies, issuing terror alerts, warning against demonstrations and other security related issues. Today, he shares with Eagle Online’s Grace Amme about the sunlit side of his life.
Are you always this soft-spoken?

Yes, that’s how I talk. I have that deep voice which makes me talk like this.
Are you single?
I am a married man though I don’t know how you look at marriage. We are married customarily. We have plans of getting wedded but we still have a few things to put up as a family.
How did you two meet?
We met in 1997 when I was still in my third year at the university. She was this beautiful girl in the neighborhood who used to steal glances at me and we connected. Of course you know the effect of those glances.
Did you immediately start living together when you became a couple?
We didn’t start right away. Of course it involved getting to know one another. She used to stay with her aunt who unfortunately passed away around 2002 or 2003.
What crazy things did you do for her?
We were still young and I would wait when her aunt was not around then we would sit and chat at the verandah. We could connect because she always had stories for me and I also had stories for her.
What do you think about sex before marriage?
It is not good. When you look at all our traditions, it is a taboo that you as a boy or girl gets engaged in sex before marriage. It is good to have sex with a person meant for you. When you start experimenting you do it for fun yet it’s for love and intimacy.
Do you have any children?
We have three boys and three girls and we are stopping at that.

What are some of your memorable high school experiences?
In S.4, I had friends from S.6 and we would ‘pool grab’. Those guys ‘worked’ on my grab and consumed it all. We had oddi (grinded ground nut and sim-sim paste) and as a member of the cubicle, I was entitled to it. One morning, I chocked on it while trying to swallow it down so I wouldn’t get caught by the other boys. There was no water and yet I needed to communicate. A certain guy saw me through the window and I tried communicating using sign (language) but he couldn’t understand.
How old are you?
I am 41 years old. I was born on June 23, 1973.
What do you do for fun?
I don’t go out so often but we have a club where me and my friends sit every evening and discuss issues about business and also relate with each other, man to man.
What would you prefer, a date or soccer?
Laughs… both are good but it would be more interesting if your date loved soccer so that you can have a date over soccer.

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