EC Village Verification

Police in Busia recently arrested two women who were asking for money from other people, ostensibly to pray for them to cure.

The women, who claimed to be pastors, allegedly got Shs7 million from another woman under the pretext that she would get Shs4.3 billion in return.

It is common knowledge that for a long time now ‘pastors’ in almost all the ‘churches’ ask for money in order to conduct prayers for the faithful.

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There is a false belief that the so-called pastors commune directly with God and this set-up has led many troubled people to fall victim to the devious plots of self-enrichment in what can be termed as ‘Prosperity Christianity’ as written in the ‘African Christianities: Feature, Promises and Problems’.

But the people are also not doing themselves any justice; for what explains a situation where one hands over his/her hard-earned money to a stranger passing off as a pastor, ostensibly to get blessings that will lead to wealth and health? It is simply inconceivable!

Meanwhile, the police should also interest itself in the scheme

and carry out proper investigations to establish how big the racket is and how its members operate.

The findings could be interesting.