President Museveni interacting with former Democratic Secretary General Matia and Bukoto East MP Florence Namayanja who is also a member of DP.

President Yoweri Museveni has said he has no problem dealing with opposition and other political activists but warned that should one cross the threshold of politics into criminality then they have to be dealt accordingly by government.

Museveni made the remarks today while meeting a section of political parties under their umbrella organization Inter-Party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD).

Gen. Museveni singled out Forum for Democratic Change strongman Kizza Besigye who is under remand at Luzira prisons on treason allegation, Former coordinator of security agencies who is opposed to his regime and has just been set free by court after a long protected retirement case with government, Gen. David Sejusa and Nakawa Member of Parliament Michael Kabaziguruka who is in jail also over treason allegations as some of the people opposed to his government and are since crossed the threshold of politics and gone into criminality.

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However, Gen. Museveni didn’t elaborate on the kind of criminality the three leaders are involved in.

“When we cross threshold of politics into criminality like cases of Kabaziguruka, Besigye and Sejusa, then we cannot ignore it. Besigye issue with accomplices is not opposition matter because I for example have no problem with DP and others.” Mr Museveni warned his guests at State House.

He added “We cannot release Kabaziguruka when we have evidence of plans to commit crime because they could fall or resort to foreign governments for funding which is not good at all”

Museveni informed the political parties’ leaders that for those that are calling for reconciliation, there should be accountability first before reconciliation saying otherwise it would breed impunity. Museveni further revealed to the team that he fully supports the funding of political parties by government.

“If there is anything concerning dialogue, I am ready for dialogue. It is a gift from God, no leader should refuse it”

However, Mr Museveni has in the past rejected calls by opposition for dialogue and more specific on reconciliation that he would dialogue with criminals and reconcile with killers for the case of Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) party and its leadership and Idi Amin whom he sometimes refers to as swine.



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