Retired Chief Justice Bart Katureebe

 Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has said there is need for those summoned or with cases before third arm of government to respect court.

UPSET BY MOB CONDUCT AT COURT: ULS President Francis Gimara. Photo credit/
UPSET BY MOB CONDUCT AT COURT: ULS President Francis Gimara. Photo credit/

Responding to public outcry from the Uganda Law Society (ULS) and the populace on what transpired yesterday when a disorderly mob of supposedly would be supporters of the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura, stormed and disrupted activities in the precincts at the Makindye magistrate’s court, Justice Katureebe said the incident should be thoroughly investigated and its promoters brought to book.

“Those who have been summoned to court should come alone to court and not with organized mobs,” said the head of the judiciary.

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He added: “Court premises should be protected. We ask for protection and let courts do their work. What happened at Makindye was uncalled for and wrong. Institutions should be allowed to work.”

On its part, the ULS has called for the probe into the incident in which some of its members who were representing the plaintiffs were beaten and their vehicles vandalized.

“Uganda Law Society condemns the acts of unlawful interference with court process orchestrated by demonstrations under the watch by police officers. The court of judicature should be allowed to perform its functions without interference and threats,” Francis Gimara, the ULS president, told the media at their officers on Acacia Avenue in Kampala this morning.

Meanwhile, Legal Aid Uganda, a civil society organization (CSO), has also weighed in on the matter and asked Gen. Kayihura to resign his post as IGP. This, they argue, will pave the way for the due process of the law to take its course.


Similar concerns have also been voiced by opposition kingpin, Kizza Besigye who says: “Kayihura can’t be the head of the police and be arrested by the same police. He should resign pending trial.”