COMEDIAN turned Legislator, Kato Lubwama.

Kato Lubwama has opened up against the criticism that he has been subjected to in the recent weeks.

While Speaking to youths in Ndeeba at a function which saw him hand over ten Boda Bodas, he warned the public against criticising him over his recent statement on the purchase of new cars worth Shs200 million for each MP.

He says that the only people who should criticise him should be only people that elected him and those are the people of Lubaga South.

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“The rest should reserve their criticisms until when I contest for presidency,” he is quoted to have said by media.

Kato Lubwama has been under the wrath of the public over his recent statements in regard to new MPs new cars.

In one of his statements, he said that he had been living a bad life all his life and so the public ought to leave him enjoy a better life since he is left with only a few days to live.

“And those crying over MPs’ cars, saying Shs200 million for each is too much, they should have it in their minds that some of us were already driving even more expensive cars than those. Please, you didn’t send me to suffer from Parliament,” he fumed.

In related news, Kampala Central MP, Muhammad Nsereko has warned that he will  deal with the youths who tagged his name on the pigs, painted yellow that were thrown at parliament last week.

Two youths threw over ten pigs painted in both blue and yellow at Parliament last year. Among the names tagged on them included Kato Lubwama and Muhammad Nsereko, both had just returned from the USA where they have been for the UNAA convention.

Before joining Parliament, Lubwama was a comedian and a dramatist with a local radio station.


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