ETTOFFAALI TROUBLES? Katikiro of Buganda Mayiga

Buganda kingdom premier Charles Peter Mayiga’s ‘waning authority’ in relation to the monetary collections commonly referred to as Ettoffaali, are reportedly linked to former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

The media today reported that the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi had directed his subjects in the kingdom to channel all Ettoffaali collections to the kingdom headquarters in Mengo rather than use the usual method where money is collected and passed onto the Katikiro.

Tamale Mirundi
BLAMED KATIKIRO MAYIGA’S ‘WOES’ ON MBABAZI: Senior Presidential Advisor on Media and Communications Tamale Mirundi

And, according to Joseph Tamale Mirundi, the senior presidential advisor on media and public relations, Katikiro Mayiga is now one of those public figures paying for associating with the former Prime Minister.

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“The problem is not Mengo; the problem is that anybody or any institution that took Amama Mbabazi’s money. Lwanga (Cyprian, the Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese) appointed Mbabazi as the head of the taskforce to bring the Pope. Look at the woes in the Anglican Church with legal suits all over the country challenging Archbishop Stanley Ntagali and all this is related to that,” Tamale Mirundi said in a phone interview today.

He added: “Mengo knew that Mayiga was working for Mbabazi and now that they have realized that Museveni is still around (as President), Kabaka is sacrificing him. Nevertheless, it also shows Mbabazi is still working.”

Commentators on the developments at Mengo say the directive to have Ettoffaali collected at the Kingdom’s headquarters is the latest move to reduce the flamboyant Katikiro’s authority.

In another development viewed by many as another snub, late last year the Kabaka stopped Katikiro Mayega from visiting the royal tombs at Kasubi, a directive Mayiga haters linked to ‘his declining star’.

By press time efforts to get a comment from the Katikiro on his known phone number were futile.


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