ON DUTY: NTV cameraman Serwanga on duty in the US at the UNAA convention.

One of NTV’s longest serving cameramen, Peter Serwanga, has finally thrown in the towel after the Serena-based station learnt that he had ‘disappeared’ in the US and therefore, did not wire his October salary.

Serwanga at work.
Serwanga at work.

Serwanga, who had been at NTV for over six years, was part of the station’s team that travelled to the US for the Uganda North American Association (UNAA) convention. However, just like most typical Africans, on getting to the West, he didn’t return.

At the time of travel Serwanga had secured two months leave, something that had enabled him to dupe his employers to pay his salary for September.

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Also, since he wasn’t under any obligation to be at NTV offices Serwanga, whose company camera was returned from the US by colleagues, had successfully managed to convince all his workmates that he returned to Uganda then left for Juba for his personal businesses.

However, we can authoritatively confirm Serwanga stayed behind and is currently staying in Burlington, US. Even his former employers are aware of his whereabouts and have not paid him for October, so he finally tendered in his resignation.

“Throughout our lives we go through many changes including changes of home, city, country or work. But changes are needed in our lives to improve and gain more experience. Yet there are some changes that generate sadness or make us feel nostalgic. Working beside you has been a wonderful experience, I now have time to take a new direction. From heart I wish the best to you my friends, I will never forget the 6 years have worked at NTV-Uganda are very special, and each one of you have helped to make it so,” reads a statement to his workmates.

“With your encouragement and support, I not only performed my best, but also learned so many new things. I genuinely thank and appreciate the affection and camaraderie that you all have shown to me,” he added.

The UNAA convention was held in Boston last month and was attended by hundreds of Ugandans including over 30 Uganda Members of Parliament.

Meanwhile, six actors and actresses of the Ebonies drama group also stayed behind.

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