LEGALLY IN SWEDEN? Ivan Kamyuka with Nina Nyarwaka in Europe.

Socialite Ivan Kamyuka Kalyesubula, who was arrested last year over the stabbing to death a one John Ahimbisibwe, is currently having fun in Europe with the deceased’s ex-lover Nina Nyarwaka.

IN NORWAY? Ivan Kamyuka poses for a photo while in Europe.
IN NORWAY? Ivan Kamyuka poses for a photo while at the airport in Europe.

Available information indicates that Kamyuka, who was released on bail about three weeks ago, allegedly fled the country yesterday and is currently in Norway.

It ought to be remembered that Nina was the cause of the fight that led to Johnnie’s death. Both men were fighting for the same lady, who had been Johnnie’s girlfriend for a reasonable time and the two were even blessed with a kid before Kamyuka allegedly snatched her from him.

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So when Johnnie met the two in Guvnor, he tried to talk to her but the encounter ended up in a bitter exchange which led to his stabbing. He was stabbed in the neck using a bottle and died on his way to hospital.

On the other hand, Kamyuka was arrested but was released on bail three weeks back.

However, his leaving the country while the case is still ongoing has left many puzzled, wondering why the court allowed him to keep his passport in the first place.


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