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Kenneth Akena, a social worker who was shot dead on Saturday for allegedly knocking and leaving scratches on a car belonging to a one Mathew Kanyamunyu, was finally laid to rest yesterday at his ancestral home in Kitgum.

But as he was being buried, musician Bobi Wine couldn’t help thinking about the late singer Denis Innocent Oringa aka Master Blaster, who was killed in an almost similar manner in December last year.
It’s now a year since the incident happened but no one has been brought to account. In fact, according Bobi Wine, initially it had been a one Wagaba Gonzaga who was arrested in relation to the incident but he was released even before Master Blaster, popularly known for his song, ‘Emboko’ had been buried.

“He was shot dead on Tuesday 29th December last year in Bwaise by a police officer called Wagaba Gonzaga cpc attached to Kawempe Police Station. There were riots in Bwaise but we managed to calm the people down and restore peace. The police officer was arrested but to my dismay even before the victim was buried the killer was set free. Yes, he was released on 29th of December 2015 while we buried Master Blaster on 2nd January 2016,” Bobi Wine says.

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“Criminal case no.11731 was opened at Nabweru court but since then, court has been adjourning till today with the next hearing on 28th November 2016….Justice delayed is justice denied!”

Bobi Wine dedicated his post to the late Keneth Akena “who was buried today (yesterday) after being shot dead for allegedly scratching a rich man’s expensive car while parking….and to all those very many innocent ‘common’ people that get killed while the killers go Scot-free, MAY YOU NEVER REST UNTILL JUSTICE IS SERVED!!”

It should be remembered that justice is also yet to be accorded to Badru Kateregga who was killed in 2012 at Panamera bar in an almost similar manner.

According to court documents, Kateregga, then working at Panamera bar as a waiter was allegedly tortured to death by his boss Desh Kananura together with his brothers. He was tortured for allegedly being found in possession of Shs30,000 contrary to the bar rules.
Kananura flew to the UK shortly after the incident and returned the following year. He was briefly detained before being released on bail. The case had never been heard until this month.



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