EC Village Verification

As the hearing of the case involving the murder of Muslim clerics continues, the prosecution is still assembling a couple of witnesses to testify in court.

Today PW17 Detective constable Moses Lule was the first to be presented by the State against the accused Muslims being led by Muhammad Yunus Kamoga the leader of the Nakasero based Muslim Tabliq Sect.

”As a detective police officer based at Kasangati police division, I was called by detective assistant superintendent of police D/ASP Charlse Kusingura Katsidura to go and carry out some exhibit gathering at the home of Sheikh Jemba in Watuba Matugga in Wakiso district. ” Lule narrated

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adding that “When I arrived at the scene I found a couple of police officers who were under the command of D/ASP Charlse Kusingura, relatives, friends and family of Jemba”.

Lule says police had condoned the scene of crime and on arrival, he immediately took charge.

The narration continued “I observed the place and took photographs of all exhibits and labelled them accordingly.

The home of Jemba was fenced with a perimeter wall which was not plastered yet it never had a gate” says Mr. Lule adding that the house was roofed with brown iron sheets with a garage, shade and green grass in the compound”

I discovered four bullet cartridges outside near the sweet potato plantation and labelled them A, B, C and D.

Yet five more Cartridges case where inside the fence on the grass which I labelled E, F, G, H and I” ” A projectile i labelled J and a sub-machine gun SMG with serial number  48009311 which I labelled K had 22 rounds”

Lule says “the wall had some bullet like penetrations which I also labelled and took photos of, I developed and printed 19 photographs star digital studios which are located behind pioneer mall”.

Lule says he wrote and exhibit sheet and an investigative report which he addressed to the regional scene of crime officer KMP north who was the in-charge”

 Cross examination

Council Fred Muwema, were you attached to Matugga police station? D/PC Mosses Lule ”I am stationed to Kasangatti police division which is directly in charge of gazetted Matugga police post which is directly in-charge of Watuba police post.”

 Muwema ” Your initial report had armed robbers, did you ascertain whether it was a robbery or not”.

Lule ”The case that was initially booked was aggravated robbery but in my report I clearly indicated the bullets that I recovered but there was no evidence of robbery”.

Lule, the initial report was made in response to what had been reported at Matugga but the report I made after was only inclusive of my observation and I was not the investigating officer so I cannot tell what the truth of the matter was”

Muwema’‘ you treat the police officer who was guarding Jemba as a suspect since you documented his gun as an exhibit too”

 Lule ”The guard of Mr Jemba was treated as a victim and witness but not as a suspect, but his gun was taken as an exhibit because he reported to have engaged in an exchange of fire [bullets with the attackers and some bullet cartridges where discovered from within the compound so I took all that as exhibits for further analysis”

Lawyer Allen Kagoya, How many rounds bullets does a SMG have?

Lule 30 rounds.

Lawyer, Kabega, ”You have not shown Court the all the exhibits you recovered from the scene?

Lule ” yes”

Kabega ” Did you address the report to the regional scene of crime Officer?

Lule ”Yes

  Kabega Show Court from the report where you addressed to the regional scenes of crime Officer.

Lule fails and later admits that “I do not know actually who made the report. The Court adjourns due to an Electricity load shedding which had persisted but the next witness PW18 was already in Court for his testimony.