FAILED EDUCATION: A cross-section of journalists attending a press conference addressed by FDC Deputy Secretary General Harold Kaija.

Senior Uganda government officials are sending their children to Kenya for education because of the falling education standards in Uganda, a senior Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) official, has said.

Harold Kaija addressing journalists today at the FDC headquarters in Najjanankumnbi. Photos/Hussein Musisi

“We do not have a national vision in Uganda, we only have a vision of the NRM which has led to the collapse of the education system,” Harold Kaija, the FDC Deputy Secretary General said today while addressing the media at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi.

Without giving examples, he added: “These children come out with visions of the Kenyan government.”

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According to Mr Kaija, the failure of the education sector is an attribute of a failed state. He also said the lackluster attitude towards education in Uganda has led to the rise of private schools ‘manned by businessmen which are mostly money minded’.

“It denies (the students) money for infrastructure, teachers’ salaries, scholastic materials and supervision,” he said, adding: “Education has become a privilege rather than a right and we as FDC call for regulation and redesign in the education sector.”



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