EVICTED: Kato Lubwama's property being thrown out

Renowned comedian-turned-politician, Kato Lubwama, the MP for Lubaga South has been evicted from Royal Theatre today the morning, after he failed to pay his rent arrears for three years.

EMBATTLED: Lubaga South MP Kato Lubwama.

Court bailiffs in company of police carried out the forceful eviction after Lubwama’s landlord Hajji Twaha Gwavu secured the green light to evict him from the Martin Road located theater.

It is said that Kato Lubwama and Hajj Gwavu entered into an agreement in 2009, with the comedian promising to develop the then vacant plot of land into a Theater. In return, he was to use the place for two years without paying rent, meaning he was to start paying rent from 2011.

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Indeed Lubwama started paying rent in 2011 but stopped in 2013.

In December 2014, Hajji Gwavu dragged Kato to court for failure to remit rent that had accrued to Shs50million at the time.

The two have since been involved in legal battles until recently when Hajji Gwavu secured an eviction order. At the time of eviction, Kato Lubwama apparently owed him Shs200million in rent arrears.

This comes at a time when Lubwama is involved in legal battles to save his stay in Parliament.

The closed Nakumatt Katwe branch

Meanwhile, Nakumatt Supermarket Katwe branch has also been evicted over failure to pay rent.

The management of Muganzilwaza building which hosts the Supermarket has closed it over rent arrears that had accrued to Shs297 million.




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