The Kabaka of Buganda celebrated his 62nd birthday yesterday in Buloba at Lubiri High School where he applauded his subjects for the contribution they have rendered to the kingdom.

He however, after Buloba, he and other invited guests drove to Mengo palace where he treated he visitors eats and drinks.

However, as the celebrations went well, an error was committed in inviting Sanyu Cinderrlla popularly known as Cindy to perform for the king. She and her crew jumped on stage in a attires that weren’t fit for the function and given that  Buganda culture where it is prohibitive for a lady or girl to appear in front of a king in nude attires of sorts. Uneasiness was noticed from the audience.

As Cinderella and her team performed while lifting their legs, the gathering became little irritated and exactly same time, the Kabaka’s sister appeared and went on stage to notify the king about him leaving the function. She went back and returned with soldier and the Kabaka, Nabagereka, Vice President Edward Sekandi plus Katikiro, Peter Mayiga were whisked away as security chased Cindy and her dancers.

This is not the first time such incident is happening as last year at the same venue and marking the Kabaka’s 61st birthday, another musician Winnie Nwagi did exactly what Cindy did but at the time, the Kabaka wasn’t whisked away but instead, his sister who acts as Principal Secretary confronted Katikiro Mayiga why he allowed such ‘naked’ girls to perform at the king’s birthday. It took the intervention of the king himself to cool the tempers.

Watch Video below

Kabaka taken away in the middle of Cindy's semi 'nude' perfomance

Posted by Kakensa Media on Friday, April 14, 2017