ACQUITTED: Andrew Kananura, alias, Desh, in the dock at Buganda Road Court early this year.

The High Court has acquitted city businessman and rally driver Andrew ‘Desh’ Kananura of murder charges that had been brought against him, his brother Raymond Kananura and three others.

The group had been accused of killing Kananura’s former employee Badru Kateregga at his Ntinda-based Panamera bar on September 31, 2012, following claims that the deceased was in possession of Shs30. 000, against the rules of his workplace.

But in his ruling today Justice Joseph Murangira said the evidence adduced against ‘Desh’ and his co-accused Raymond Kananura insufficient and that the witnesses presented before court based their submissions on hearsay.

In fact in early April, court ordered for Kananura’s release after prosecution failed to table evidence that could lead to his conviction.

Kananura’s case has dragged on for 5 years and been heard by two judges, Justices Murangira and Wilson Masalu Musene, who recused himself.

Meanwhile, Kateregga’s father, the man who was pursuing the case of his son’s death died, and his grandchildren are now abandoned in their home village of Kamonkoli, Budaka district.