DONT LISTEN TO VULGAR SONGS: Afrigo Band boss Moses Matovu

It is very embarrassing to come across a boy or girl of seven years belting out the lyrics of Shebaah Karungi’s song ‘Farmer’, something that has prompted Afrigo Band founding member and boss Moses Matovu to appeal to the public to boycott vulgar songs.

Revellers at the sold-out concert

At a sold-out concert held Friday at Serena Conference Center, Matovu, who has been performing for over 40 years spared about five minutes to express his disappointment at the new trend of Uganda’s music industry.

“Thank you all for turning up in such huge numbers….. You know music is something that is so powerful. When in sorrow, you play music for comfort. When celebrating, you play music. Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t. Thank you for supporting music and I urge you to continue the support,” Matovu told the audience, adding: “Continue supporting old skool music. Continue supporting new school music, however, I humbly request you to boycott vulgar-laced music. Songs like; Nkukabala nga Lumbugu, Owoma……really? Seriously such songs are not taking us anywhere. Please boycott such songs,” he pleaded.

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Halima Namakula performs at the Afrigo Band concert

Afrigo Band was performing at an oldies music show dubbed ‘Tugende Mukikadde’, and the other performers of the night included Kabuye Ssemboga, Mariam Ndagire and Halimah Namakula among others.

Afrigo Band is the only band in the country to have performed for three different presidents; Iddi Amin, Milton Obote and Yoweri Museveni.

Matovu’s appeal comes at a time of mushrooming music laced with vulgar lyrics. Among such songs include; Emese by Capt Dollar who recently became a born-again and denounced his former hit song. Others include ‘Ekitoone’ by Desire Luzinda, ‘Akusse’ by Sheebah; ‘Farmer’ ft. Sheebah and YK Benda and ‘Embooko’ by the late Master Blaster to mention a few.