Court of Appeal has nullified the election of Democratic Party ‘s Wakayima Musoke as Nansana Municipality Member Parliament and declared National Resistance Movement’s  candidate Robert Kasule Sebunya  as the dully the elected legislator.

The three court judges led by outgoing Deputy Chief Justice, Steven Kavuma, Cheburion Bulshaki and Hellen Obura dismissed Wakayima’s appeal on grounds that he did not have minimum qualifications to stand for a parliamentary seat.

In their ruling, the court faulted Wakayima for changing his names without taking right procedures and declined to explain their variations in court.

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‘’Wakayima was not a registered voter of Nansana’’. The Deputy Court Registrar Deo Nzeyimana who read the ruling said.

Bounces back Sebunya

On February 18, 2016 Wakayima Musoke was declared as the dully elected MP for Nansana Municipality however his opponent Sebunya ran to court seeking for redress on the grounds that Wakayima is not registered voter of the area.

However on July 20, 2016 High Court Judge Vincent Ogwang ruled that the names Wakayima Musoke Nsereko which he used for his nomination for the seat does not appear in the voters register of Nansana Municipality rather that the name Musoke Hannnington Nsereko is the one which appears on his national identity card.

Basing on the above, Justice Ogwang nullified his election and declared NRM’s  candidate Robert Kasule Sebunya as the MP of the area and ordered him to pay all costs incurred from the from filing the case to judgment time.

The discontented Wakayima ran to Court of Appeal which which upheld the earlier ruling.



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