Uganda’s year-on-year coffee earnings jumped 66.71 percent to reach US$544.59 million in the year 2016/17 compared to US$326.68 million the country earned in 2015/16, the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), says in the latest report.

According to the report, Uganda exported 4.6 million 60-kilo bags in 2016/17 compared to 3.3 million 60 kilo bags in 2015/16, representing a 38.90 percent drop.

On a monthly basis, the report shows that Uganda’s coffee exports plummeted to 341, 839 60-kilo bags in September compared to 418,340 60-kilo bags exported in the month of August. September is the last month of the coffee calendar 2017.

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The month of September exports earned the country US$38.58 million, which was less than US$47.06 million earned in August.

The report analysis shows that Uganda exports more of Robusta coffee compared to Arabica. For instance the country exported 3.62 million 60-kilo bags of Robusta coffee in 2016/17 compared to 986.52 million 60-kilo bags of Arabica type.

The report shows that of the 37 coffee exporting companies in Uganda, Kyagalanyi Coffee Factory, Ugacof, Olam Uganda and Export Trading Company exported more coffee in September, taking 21.6%, 11.80%, 10.20%, 9.14% and 7.45% of the market share respectively.

The report indicates that Uganda’s coffee in September was consumed more in the European Union, Sudan, India, Morocco and Algeria, each making 63.62%, 15.70%, 7.87%, 3.12% and 2.5% respectively. Uganda’s coffee exports according to the latest report, go 19 destinations.

Arabica grows well on the slopes of Mount Elgon while Robusta does well in low plains in the central and western regons of the country.

Arabica fetches higher prices on the world coffee market compared to Robusta because of its sweet aroma.

Producing both Arabica and Robusta coffee types, Uganda is Africa’s number one exporter of coffee. Ethiopia, Africa’s number one producer of coffee, consumes most of its coffee domestically, leaving less for export.


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