'Tycoon' SK Mbuga with his fleet of luxurious cars

Whereas socialites Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga aka ‘SK Mbuga’ and his wife ‘Vivienne Angella Birungi Chebet’ aka Jalia Mbuga  are known to be filthy rich and living luxuriously, the source of their money has always remained a mystery.

ON WEDDING DAY: SK Mbuga and Jalia Mbuga

Well, something like a hint on how the couple got their wealth has come to light: the couple is wanted by Swedish Police for fraud, described by Anna-Lena Tapper of the police’s National Fraud Center as ‘A clear approach to how a Nigerian letter fraud goes’.

SULTAN’S WEDDING: SK Mbuga and Jalia Mbuga on their wedding day

Details of the said fraud linked to the 34-year old Mbuga and his wife Jalia Mbuga first appeared in the Expressen newspaper, and according to documents before a Swedish court, the couple is accused of defrauding over Shs23 billion from a Swedish politician, Sten Heinsoo, aged 71.

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‘Now Expressen can tell that the suspicions have led the police to one of Uganda’s most famous jet races – property mogul “SK” Mbuga, 34,’ the newspaper wrote.

The fraud is alleged to have been executed by Ms. Birungi when she reportedly duped Heinsoo into sending her money to ostensibly ferry gold from Uganda to Sweden.

At the time, the two were dating and so, when Ms. Birungi cried for help, Heinsoo allegedly sent her money belonging to his previous employer, the real estate giant Einar Matsson.

Last week, Sten Heinsoo was charged with gross negligence against the principal. Even Ms. Birungi – a Swedish citizen for a few years – was charged with the Stockholm District Court for several cases of gross fraud against Heinsoo.

Sources indicate that SK Mbuga has also previously been detained in probation for reportedly for the same crime.

It is believed that the said money is what the couple used on their luxurious wedding which was held in Kampala in 2016, with sources intimating that it is because the wedding took place shortly after Heinsoo made the last transfer of money to Ms. Birungi.

Thousands of guests attended the event and in advance a Rolls-Royce Phantom and Uganda’s first Ferrari were purchased as ‘wedding cars’.

Mbuga also showered his wife with gifts in the form of a specially-ordered Mercedes-Benz, exclusive jewelry and a Dubai holiday, where they have been living since then.

In February last year, Ms Birungi returned to Sweden. She was arrested – but despite the prosecutor’s request for arrest, the District Court considered that it was possible with a travel ban and notification obligation. They met the requirements until two weeks ago when she departed. Now she is being searched by the Swedish police. “I do not know where she is,” says her lawyer, Sven Severin, and continues.

Ms Birungi immigrated to Sweden from Uganda in 2011 and has been staying in the Stockholm area since then, reports indicate.

In an early hearing, Sten Heinsoo told court that the two met in the church when she worked as a ‘personal assistant’, and eventually they developed a relationship where they ‘fellowshipped’.

By press time it was not possible to reach SK Mbuga as he is reportedly out of the country, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).


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