Kampala: The Speaker of Parliament has agreed to a request by the fashion designers to be their patron.
In a meeting organized on the request of the designers, Ms Rebecca Kadaga said she is willing to be the voice of the industry that employs many young people if that is what it will take to promote Uganda’s fashion in the country and outside the country.
“A lot of good things are happening in this country and passing under our radar. The fashion industry is obviously very good in promoting the country and we indeed have to do something to help you,” she said.
Ms Kadaga asked the fashion designers to organize themselves and register a vehicle to bring together the different small organizations and she will be ready to play as patron whenever they are ready.
“Organize a bigger meeting and I will come with feedback on most of the issues you have raised,” she said.
Among the requests from the designers was: a dedication from government to fund designers whenever they are invited to showcase on international scene, an opportunity to design and dress leaders especially parliamentarians and innovation grants for the up and coming designing start-ups.
Although the fashion designers do not currently have a body which brings them together, they believe forming one with the Speaker as their patron will go a long way to bring fashion industry issues to the government table for consideration.
Ms Gloria Haguma, who coordinated the meeting where the Speaker met with the fashion gurus, said regardless of their current lack of proper organization, the industry has strong potential and having the Speaker will be in the interest of the creative industry that has over 100,000 enthusiasts around the country.
“We believe the Speaker will help us in registering the Council as a unified organization that will bring photographers, models and artistic fashion designers on board to push the fashion industry forward,” Ms. Haguma said in an interview with Eagle Online.
Once registered, Ms Haguma said, the UFC will be able to acquire assistance from government under established systems to galvanize the development of the industry, including spreading its message to educational institutions across the country.
“Upon registering it (UFC) with government as an organization, the Council will offer career guidance programs in various secondary schools and universities with a motive of opening upon students minds to the actual world,” Ms. Haguma, an award-winning Fashion Journalist, noted.
Established to promote and support leading Ugandan fashion designers on the global market, the Ugandan Fashion Council (UFC) sponsored the 2nd annual Kampala Fashion Week (KFW) in 2015, aimed at inspiring and educating the creative and business aspects of the fashion industry.