Embattled former Executive Director in charge of Supervision at Bank of Uganda Justine Bagyenda.

A source in the Financial Intelligence Authority has intimated to Eagle Online that embattled Bank of Uganda Director, Justine Bagyenda’s bank accounts will be frozen on Monday.
The move is a result of Ms Bagyenda’s failure to appear before the Authority’s investigations team to explain matters surrounding her source of monies she holds on bank accounts in Diamond Trust and Barclays Bank.
If the Authority implements its decision on Monday, the source said, Ms Bagyenda will not be able to access her monies until all doubts about its source are cleared.
Earlier on the Authority’s head, Sydney Asubo, had told this newspaper that they had got sufficient information from whistleblowers which they are working hard to corroborate, a thing which had made them extend an invite Ms Bagyenda, who was also the Authority’s Board chairperson before she got into murky waters, to help with the investigations.
Ms Asubo said that if the information from the whistleblower is found to be true, it will be shared with other security and law enforcement agencies for proper action.
Over a fortnight ago, this newspaper broke a story about Ms Bagyenda’s close to shs20Billion shillings on two separate bank accounts which had amassed in a space of six years. The twenty billion is separate from another shs2B petty cash account in Centenary Development Bank plus a plethora of properties she has strewn across the city.
Last week the former chairman of public accounts committee Nandala Mafabi vowed to petition parliament for Bagyenda’s to account for the sources of her wealth and be charged with money laundering in case she fails.
The Banks where Ms Bagyenda has the monies have since apologized to her for the leaks and are investigating the source of the leaks.
For DTB, the investigation, reportedly led them to one of their staff who, the Bank leadership claims, was ‘compromised’ and actively participated in leaking account details of their client while Barclays in press released says internal disciplinary measures are being undertaken.

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