Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Deputy Spokesperson Lt Col. Deo Akiiki (L) and Police Deputy Spokesperson Patrick Onyango address journalists today.

The Uganda Police has disclosed that three women from Burundi who were arrested in a joint security swoop on the Usafi Market mosque in Kampala two weeks ago have refused to cooperate with investigators.

Addressing journalists today at the Uganda Media Centre, police deputy spokesperson Patrick Onyango, said the mosque, where 36 suspects including those linked to the kidnap and killing of youthful city businesswoman Susan Magara, remains a crime scene. During the raid on the mosque, police has since said, 18 women and 94 children were rescued.

“There are ongoing investigations into the matter; three women that were arrested in the raid are of Burundi (origin) but they have declined to offer information to police though they have been proven to be of sound mind,” Mr. Onyango said.

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According to Onyango, investigations against the suspects have now been widened to include but not limited to kidnap with intent to demand ransom, murder, defilement, human trafficking and sexual violence.

“Thirteen to eighteen year old girls confirmed that they were defiled by the Usafi suspects. They are proved to be pregnant and more victims are receiving treatment from various hospitals, therefore suspects take full responsibility of their actions,” Onyango stressed.

At the same briefing Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Deputy Spokesperson Lt Col. Deo Akiiki said there is no victimization of people on account to their faith and it is claimed.

“The arrested suspects take individual responsivity and will answer for their actions,” Lt. Col. Akiiki said, adding that security agencies will ensure the country is safe.

He also said the agencies were still pursuing leads to Magara’s killing. “The case of Magara is still high on the agenda, with the introduction aspects concerning other security agencies, police will continue to handle this case,” Lt. Col. Akiiki reiterated.

Early this year Susan Magara, daughter to city businessman John Fitzgerald Magara, was killed after her kidnappers were paid a ransom of over Shs700 million.

Several suspects linked to the gruesome murder have since been arrested, while others including her relative now holed up in South Africa, are still on the loose.

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