US Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac

US Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac has called for creation of conducive environment for reporting and prosecution of perpetrators of child abuse for curtailing of Violence against children.

Ms Malac who marked during the Launch of Uganda Violence against Children Survey Report said, globally it is estimated that over 1 Billion children experience severe physical abuse each year, however it is quite disturbing by the high level of violence against children in Uganda.

“It is every one’s obligation to protect the victims of violence, Parents have critical roles to play and being part of the solution. Children need safe spaces to be but we who are supposed to provide are not doing enough, we need collective efforts in this,” She said.

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Alluding to the report, in Uganda, 11per cent of boys and 13 per cent of girls experienced Sexual Violence every 12 months in the last three years. Further indicates that Most of the people who sexually predate on Ugandan children are relatives and neighbours. However Only 9 per cent of children that experienced sexual violence sought help and Only 6 per cent received the help they wanted.

Deputy Representative of UNICEF in Uganda Noreen Prendiville said emotional or psychological violence includes restricting a child’s movements, denigration, ridicule, threats and intimidation, discrimination, rejection and other non-physical forms of hostile treatment.

The report found out that 1 in 3 females and 1 in 6 males experienced child violence while growing up. It also indicates that children that face violence are likely to commit suicide, “Protection of Children against violence is incomparable and noble. We all need to take part in this noble course,” added Ms Prendiville

Junior minister for education Rosemary Seninde submitted that government is committed to ensuring a positive legal and policy environment where children’s rights is a priority.

“School is supposed to be a safe environment for children and not a hell of a place for torture, my Ministry banned corporal punishments and we continue to engage teachers and parents to completely abandon this way of disciplining children. Sexual harassment in schools is not right. Action should be taken against the culprits,”

“Violence will always beget violence, if children are raised in a violent household chances are they won’t be any better as parents when they grow up. Violence against children has no reasonable degree or situations of acceptability. As long as it’s against their rights its violence and therefore illegal,” said Dr Jessica Nsungwa Commissioner for Child Health.

She said government has mobilized both internal and external funds to support policies aimed at fighting the violation of children’s rights and ensure mutual accountability for results.

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