President Museveni

President Museveni’s attempt at weighing in on the current political situation and demand for the release of the “People Power. Our Power” movement leader, Bobi Wine pushed Ugandans on social media to give 75 year old leader a piece of their mind.

Many Ugandans were taken aback by the president’s arrogance, aloofness and out of touch attitude to the situation and his failure to condemn torture of suspects but instead praised the army for torturing suspects and called it professional.

It was his claim that tortured Mityana MP, Francis Butebi Zaake, who spent two days on oxygen at Rubaga hospital after being dumped there, had escaped from police cells and was being hunted by police.

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Journalist Andrew Mwanguhya tweeted: “Zaake escaped from custody. Police is looking for him,” @KagutaMuseveni. Now, how on earth is one supposed to respect presidency, let alone the person? This is beyond cruelty. #FreeBobiWine #QuickRecoveryZaake #RIPyasin”

The ailing MP was on Thursday dumped at Lubaga hospital following his deteriorating health condition after he was brutally beaten and tortured during their arrest a head of the just concluded Arua Municipality by-elction that was held on Wednesday last week.

One Emmanuel Mckesar who reacted of the post asked how ailing person can person escape from police in Gulu and come to Rubaga hospital. He said if the self-proclaimed ghetto president Robert Kyagulanyi wasn’t beaten severely why he was not allowed to be brought before camera during his judgment in Gulu, “enough is enough Mr Museveni we are sick and tired of your greedy ideas,” he added.

David Mabonga said president’s politicking has reached to a point of hyena, when it wants to eat its young ones, it starts by accusing them of smelling like Goats. “His Excellency you are doing more harm than good, please free Bobi wine, your people are giving you false information, sometimes it’s good u go and look at the two Hon members of parliament, there is too much false statements in your post that doesn’t make sense,” said one Bogere Alan.

Francis Zaake was arrested along with the ailing Kyadondo east MP Robert Kyagulanyi who currently detained at Makindye military barracks over illegal position of ammunitions, Ntungamo Municipality MP Gerald Karuhanga, Jinja East MP Paul Mwiru, and former MP Michael Mabikke, MP elect for Arua municipality Kassiano Wadri and these are held at Gulu prison, journalists and others over allegations of smashing president’s car wind screen that was in procession after holding their final rallies.

In his third social media justifying for the nabbing of the political group of people, Museveni said he will not allow groups to be formed under the cover of elections, where illegal processions in built-up in heavily populated areas, carrying stones, up-rooting side walk pavers to use as missiles, to attack defenseless women, children and other civilians.

Museveni said Robert Kyagulanyi is fine and has already been seen by doctors and he was no injured as he was earlier informed.

“The indiscipline of some of these Opposition MPs was displayed in Parliament during the Age Limit debate. Instead, of arguments and logic, they attacked other MPs, threw chairs, up-rooted microphones etc. This was in Parliament with cameras and everybody watching,”

Muhwezi Sam implored him to desist from acting against constitution, “stop that nonsense of decreasing yourself our grandfather. A good grandpa can never kill his son or daughter,”

Zachary Githaiga wrote said the whole world is talking about Bobby Wine, “you have created a monster and it shall consume you,”

Justifying why security forces used excessive forces which led to death of Kyagulanyi’s driver Yasin Kawuma, Museveni said he has the capacity, either alone or in company with his personal security, to defend himself, not only against stone throwers but against any attacker.

Kareem Ssenyonga Haruun said residents of Arua are naturally crazy, “first did u witness what happened during the late Ibrahim Abiriga’s body, it wasn’t Bobi wine, again did you hear about what happened when that so called Brian white, took thing to them, they distorted everything including chairs, was that Bobi wine. A lot must be done to bring up dialogue among the government n oppositions than merciless beating of MP by security operatives. Thank you,”