FLASHBACK: Dr. Besigye arrives at the court in Rukungiri some time back

Former Forum for Democratic Change Party President, Dr. Kizza Besigye has been arrested by Police officers as he tried to move out of his home in Kasangati and taken to Nagalama Police Station.

Police was deployed at his home in the night, blocking him to travel to Gulu for Bobi Wine trial but as he questioned them what they were doing at his gate, the police did not say anything but bundled him up into the van and took him to Nagalama Police station

“What do you want at my gate,” besigye asked? Besigye asked But none of them was responding.

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Besigye then tried to leave his house using the main entrance but police were stationed there with a police van.

Another opposition official who was picked by police is Igrid Turinawe, the secretary for mobilisation in the FDC “My son who was going to school has been pushed back into the gate. I can’t understand their real motive,” said Turinawe this morning.

All routes leading to the homes of the opposition leaders have been blocked and refused to get out of their house as various politicians are besieged by security forces in what Police calls preventive arrests, including Kiiza Besigye, Erias Lukwago, Ingrid Turinawe and Allan Ssewanyana’s homes have been surrounded.
The team of opposition leaders where due to travel to the northern district of Gulu where Kyadondo East legislator also known as Bobi Wine was to appear in a military court on allegations of owning a gun.

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