The Law Development Centre (LDC) released results for the academic year 2017/2018 showing over 85 percent failures. The results shocked candidates as only 135 students out of over 900 passed the exams that would have enabled them to attain certificates for legal practice in Uganda.

Some 596 students failed one, two or three core course units and must as required by the institution sit supplementary exams and pass them before they are cleared to graduate with the other 135 students.

To help students finish the course and graduate in time, LDC caries out supplementary exams where students that fail in not more than three course units are allowed to sit the exams again before graduation is held. Those who pass supplementary exams graduate with those who passed main exams.

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However, another 35 students that failed in more than three core exams will be repeating the course next academic year.

The group will also not be subjected to fresh pre-entry exams and will have automatic admission into the course again as long as they still be interested.

LDC was established in 1970 by the Law Development Centre Act as a government-owned institution of higher learning responsible for research, law reform, publications, law reporting and community legal services. Due to high failure rates and persistent public outcry, the centre opened a branch in Mbarara to boost service delivery and admit more students. The centre is expected to open campuses in towns of Mbale and Arua.

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