Late Patrick Karegeya.

The murder case of Rwanda’s former intelligence chief, Patrick Karegeya, has been referred back to South African prosecutors, who linked the murder to Rwandan state security operatives.

After five years of delays, prosecutors in South Africa will again have to decide if they will issue arrest warrants for the men believed to have killed Mr Karegeya.

An outspoken critic of President Paul Kagame, he was in exile in South Africa at the time of his murder. He was found dead in a Johannesburg hotel room in 2013.

The National Prosecuting Authority had previously decided not to prosecute anyone linked to this case – but this ruling could change all that.

The informal inquest answered three questions – whether the killers were known, the date, and the cause of death.

According to the inquest docket, the inquest judged that the killers were indeed known, but it isn’t clear if that means they were known by the victim, or by others.

It added that he was killed by strangulation.

In their court submission, police investigators hinted at political interference in the case.

There’s no extradition treaty between Rwanda and South Africa but Mr Karegeya’s family wants South African authorities to issue arrest warrants for the suspects, should they travel outside R