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Mrs. Beatrice Luyiga Kavuma Kiwanuka, the mother of a doubted son, Jordan Sebuliba Kiwanuka, has come out to say that her first born belongs to the city tycoon, Mohan Musisi Kiwanuka.

Availing a number of documents which included, Mohan Musisi Kiwanuka’s letters addressing the Sebuliba as his natural son, Beatrice said the son belongs to him. Recently, there was a feud between Beatrice and Mohan after he denounced Jardona Sebuliba Kiwanuka as his son.

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According to supreme laws of the land, one can only be a son or a daughter to someone either by adoption or by birth and this can only be proved through deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) conducted from both a parent and the child.

Recently, Mohan said Beatrice Luyiga Kavuma Kiwanuka was impregnated by a man from western region when she attended a conference in Entebbe. He said he noticed that she was pregnant and asked her to do a DNA for the baby (Sebuliba). However, Beatrice declined convincing him that the baby belongs to him and tossed him till he decided to look after him as his son.

According to a letter dated December 11, 2012, addressed to the Visa section, embassy of the republic of South Africa, backing Sebuliaba’s application for the visa, Mr. Mohan addressed the Sebuliba Kiwanuka as his natural son and enclosed the air ticket and hotel bookings for him.

The son was travelling to South Africa on a holiday between December 25, 2012 and January 3, 2013. At the time, Mr. Kiwanuka, the father was the manager of Bank of Africa Uganda limited and the chairperson of Oscar industries, a company that deals in the manufacturing of stationery and printing.

In another letter dated April 11, 2012, supporting the son’s application for a two year multiple entry visitor’s visa to United Kingdom, Mr. Kiwanuka still addressed Sebuliba as his natural son. “Sebuliba is accompanying his natural sister Janine Kiwanuka to tour various universities that had granted her admission for undergraduate degree study,” reads part of the letter.

On October 20, 2008 the chairman also jotted another letter to South African embassy supporting sebulime’s application for a visa. According to the letter, Sebulime who he regarded as his natural son was accompanying him to visit his daughter Janine Kiwanuka at half term and they spent there eight days. He also said Sebulime will be stepping in to fulfill his duties in case he (Mr Kiwanuka) was incapable of doing so.

Mohan Kiwanuka wrote various letters supporting visa applications for various family members who included his wife Beatrice Luyiga Kavuma Kiwanuka, and Jordan Kiwanuka who were going to visit Janine in South Africa.

Contested son has been part of the family activities and he was part of the family members who attended the wedding of Jordan pearl Kiwanuka and Michael Hass in Germany in 2015. This however is insubstantial to show that he is a son to the city tycoon.

In August, Jordan Sebuliba Kiwanuka lounged a case against his father Mohan Musisi Kiwanuka claiming that the respondent is suffering from a debilitating and degenerative condition of Alzheimer’s or dementia, which is presumed to have been progressive over the last six or so years but has become quite severe and imposing on the respondent’s health in the recent past.

According to the application, Sebuliba asked court to subject the respondent to a medical examination and if it is established that the respondent was of mind then the applicant be appointed as a Personal representative/Manager of the Estate of the respondent.

To his dismay, high court judge Ssekaana Musa, dismissed the application and ordered both parties to meet their costs.

After court ruling, Mohan, said it all started from a disagreement over one of his properties, Seven Trees Gardens located in Kololo along Dundas Road that Sebuliba had occupied without his permission, a vice that had never been done by any of his siblings. He has occupied the property for the past 10 years without remitting any monies to his dad nor paying rent for it.

He said Sebulime used to rent out the venue for parties among other events and earned over Shs600 million every year and went ahead (Sebuliba) to ask court to compel his father to pay him shs1.6 billion for him to leave the premises.

“What amuses me is the person (Sebuliba) fighting over my property when I’m still alive is not my biological son. I raised him as my son. I even took him to good schools, including to a University in UK from where he studied his law degree,” he said.

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