After President Yoweri  Museveni, announced suspension of all forms of public transport in Uganda for 14 days as government moved to contain the spread of Coronavirus infections, Global and YY bus companies have resorted in indulge in cargo business.

According to Patrick Mwesigwa the manager in charge of luggage of global bus company the company has over 86 buses that have been operating, and now that they are all not in operation, we have decided to be transporting cargo in order to keep the company moving.

He says they decided to continue giving services to people mostly especially transporting food stuffs and other things that people need to continue surviving.

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“Regarding with what the president said about cargo, global is helping in taking peoples luggage to and fro, which includes food stuffs and many other things. Mwesigwa said.

Moses Godfrey Kaita an employee with YY coaches Bus Company, this time; it is only the cargo business that is available at YY Park.

However, he says they still face a challenge in that when people send luggage from villages, it becomes hard to pick them from their offices since people no longer trust Boda boda guys.

Kaita further says that YY makes sure that it pays its employees working on vehicles and they make sure they provide the necessary to make their life easy.

“They provide transport to and from where the workers stay and they also know that now day’s things are very complicated. Kaita said.

However, there are other bus companies that are into cargo business in Uganda, this includes HMK Transport & Logistics baby coach bus Company etc.



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