A 5 year old girl has been electrocuted to death in Kisenyi 1 Kamwokya 2 parish today when she was trying to prepare herself breakfast.

The deceased Mariam Sabano is a daughter of Mr. Jackson Sitaru and Mrs. Milabu Namudaka who come from Mbale who are the residents of Kisenyi 1 Kamwokya 2 parish and their landlord is Alex Otumu.

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According to ASP Ivan Matovu the OC Kamwokya market police station, the girl wanted to boil water using a spoilt kettle that had naked wires and ended up electrocuted and was rushed to the nearby clinic called Gods mercy clinic and drug shop, but upon reaching, the medics realized she had breathed her last.

Matovu says when they received the bad news, they had to come and handle the situation and they are waiting for 99 to carry the body to Hospital for postmortem for further treatment.

Kabuye Sebata, the chairperson LC1 Kisenyi 1 Kamwokya 2 parish says he was called immediately and rushed to check and found when the girl had dead.

Sebata urges his residents always to be careful with electricity and always safe guard their children because children are so vulnerable to such.