Kiwanuka Sulaiman and Patrick Mujuuka

CBS Radio Presenter and local drama actor, Patrick Mujuuka is set to tussle it out with businessman  Sulaiman Kiwanuka and the incumbent Kafeero Sekitoleko in the 2021 parliamentary  election for Nakifuma county.

The three are seeking the Nakifuma County parliamentary seat. The celebrated MC, tobacco control ambassador and actor is currently on ground persuading people to vote for him in the next elections. He is currently distributing coffee seedlings, supporting SACCOs among others.

According to a reliable source in the constituency, Kiwanuka Sulaiman has exerted more pressure on the two famous individuals and is likely to floor them in general elections.

One of the constituents told this website that Kiwanuka  is credited for working towards the improvement of people’s lives. Though his friend, Kiwanuka has put 120 boreholes throughout the county and funded the repair of thousands of boreholes put up by other organizations. Eagle online couldn’t verify the information on 120 boreholes.

Born to the late Hajj Juma Nkambwe and Hadijah Namatovu in Nakifuma, Kiwanuka is the definition of Nakifuma’s success story. He connected the water system to Nakifuma Health Center II, a health facility which has been grappling with the water crisis.

A graduate of the Makerere University, Kiwanuka has always dreamed big and burst the ceiling devoting his life to empowering the youth and women through sports, offering jobs. This has been so easy through his wide range of businesses.

Kiwanuka Sulaiman is a well-established businessman with a range of companies and these include, Khans Medical Centers, 32 Below Café, KH Washing Bay, Nkambwe Supermarket, Ausie Consultants, Ausie Real Estate Developers, Khan Apartments, Nyonyi Apartments, The Spartans FC and Uganda Tomorrow Foundation.

With such a wide financial base, he has offered jobs to the youths and women especially in Nakifuma County.

On the other hand Mr. Kafeero Sekitoleko who on August 25, 2016 tabled a motion before Parliament seeking to amend the Constitution to remove the retirement age of judges from the current 70 years is seeking for another term. The motion has however elicited a lot of suspicion from the public who saw it as a move that would enable President Yoweri Museveni, 72, be eligible for another term in office.