The titular leader of Muslims Prince Kassim Nakibinge has condemned the police brutality and unfair treatment of opposition candidates. This was during the vigil of the late Sheikh Dr. Anas Abdul Kaliisa at Kibuli mosque on Thursday morning.

The condemnation comes after the tear gas, bullets and arrests that highlighted the last day of presidential nominations on Tuesday, 3 November as NUP’s Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and FDC’s Patrick Amuriat were both forcefully arrested.

Nakibinge condemned the police actions in the strongest terms possible and said that there is no need to forcefully brutalize and torture people ahead of the elections.

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“I won’t stop telling security agencies to also follow the rules, you have over used force on people, brutalized and tortured them. I don’t know who orders you to use too much force on Ugandans,” Prince Nakibinge said.

“You can’t force someone to change from what he/she wants, to do what you want,” he added.

“Now the politicians (Bobi Wine, Gen Tumukunde, Gen Muntu and Erias Lukwago) have spoken today, nothing has happened, why do they speak on other gatherings and they are attacked, now leave people to talk.”

“Now they have made it a habit for some people go to radio shows and are refused to talk, and when they also go to talk to the people, you teargas them. What we are all asking for is fair play and everyone gets their freedom.”

Nakibinge concluded by saying that Covid-19 is real and urged all Ugandans to continue following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the ministry of health.

“It is true that Covid-19 is real and please follow the SOPs to stay safe like we have followed them today,” he concluded.