Agents at West Church polling station in Nakulabye, waiting for voters to tell them to vote their candidates on Wednesday. Photo by Ronard Shabomwe.

There has been voter bribery and violence in some polling stations in the local government elections in Rubaga North on Wednesday.

According to some agents of candidates standing in this area, many people have targeted polling stations to be their campaigning centers, which they say has been the root cause of this violence. Some of these polling stations include; West Parish in Nakulabye Parish, Muteesa 1 road, MB, medical compound in Namirembe parish among others.

At school for the disabled polling station in Namirembe parish, violence was sparked off by an agent of Annet Nambooze also known as Anatalia, LCV woman independent candidate, who parked her vehicle registration no.UBG 600B fielder at the entrance of this polling station and inside it had campaign posters. The agents of her opponents interpreted this as a way of campaigning.

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This vehicle attracted many people who threatened to burn the car if the owner failed to show up and take it out of this vicinity. This attracted the security officers who saved the vehicle and later was evacuated by the owner who had left to supervise other polling stations.

At the west church polling station in Nakulabye parish, a group of over 20 agents have been observed by this reporter, approaching voters and showing them campaign posters in a way of begging for their support. Most of these agents belong to James Mubiru, a NUP flag bearer on LCV Councilor of this area and Annet Nambooze an independent LCV councilor Woman candidate.

“President Kyagulanyi told us to vote anyone on NUP ticket, therefore, vote Mubiru for good leadership in our area,” a drunk agent convinces voters who had come to vote at West church polling station in Nakulabye parish.

An agent of Maria Nalubega Assumpta LCV Woman DP flag bearer, at Muteesa 1 road NAG-Z, who declined to reveal his name complained that the exercise in Rubaga north has been full of bribery by some candidates whom he said are financially well off.

He says he has witnessed this vice in zones like West church polling station, Masiro zone in Kasubi parish, Muteesa 1 road in Nakulabye among others.

“First of all, the voter turn up is very low; now see some of them are being influenced by agents by giving them money. This will have a negative effect on many candidates who should have emerged winners,” he adds.

Ronald Butaka, an agent of one candidate he did not reveal at MB. Medical compound blames this weakness to poor planning of the Electoral commission, saying that they concentrated on only the president and Member of Parliament elections.

Our Reporter tried to approach presiding officers and police officers in charge of some polling stations like MB. Medical compound and Muteesa 1 road for a comment, but they did not say anything on this matter.

Some candidates standing in Rubaga North include, James Mubiru on NUP ticket, Gladys Nakato on NRM ticket, Annet Nambooze, an independent candidate, Solome Nakiridde also on NUP ticket, Madrine Bagaya on FDC ticket, Maria Nalubega Assumpta on DP ticket. All these standing on the position of LCV woman councilor. Jack Mandela Nsubuga an independent candidate, among others.

There is also voting for the Kampala city Lord Mayor, and people standing include, Erias Lukwago on FDC ticket, Joseph Mayanja independent, Nabila Nagayi Sempala on NUP ticket among others.

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