Acting Director Traffic Lawrence Niwabiine and Letshego CEO Giles Aijukwe after donation of 4000 reflector jacket towards road safety during this festive season

Letshego Uganda has donated over 4000 reflector jackets to the Uganda Police department of Road Safety whose mandate is to enforce traffic and ensure safety for all road users.

The timing of this donation is particularly impeccable in light of the impending festive season.

Road safety is one of the most pertinent community issues with 93% of the world’s fatalities on the roads occurring in low and middle income countries. It is estimated that if not curbed, road traffic crashes and accidents are predicted to become the fifth leading cause of death in the world by 2030- WHO. They adversely affect health, economic and social development.

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Giles Aijukwe Chief Executive Officer Letshego Uganda, said “We have over the years established a firm and long standing partnership with the Uganda Police Force in respective Sustainable Development (CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility) endeavors. Specifically for Road Safety, we started our partnership in 2018 with a contribution of 3000 reflector jackets to our traffic officers as they marshal the highways. I can assure you- Letshego’s commitment in this regard is unwavering.”

Uganda Police Force team led by acting Director Traffic and Road Safety Lawrence Niwabiine welcomed the donation stating that curbing accidents and other road fatalities requires a combined effort.

“Achieving lasting change in improved road safety requires government, private partners, civil society and the community to work together. I am particularly gratified with Letshego Uganda for their commitment to this cause and playing their part diligently- they’ve been our partner since 2017.” Niwabiine said.

He added that the timing is a blessing because the festive season is when road travel numbers are at their highest and so are accident cases. “The reflector jackets will enable our officers be visible from a far to maintain traffic rules and guidelines. These reflectors will immediately be dispatched to Regional Traffic Officers and stations countrywide.”

As  Letshego continues to embark on transforming their service to their customers countrywide, they have officially gone digital. “We introduced the Digital Mall, an online platform (downloadable from Android, and iOS stores)- a simple, quick and reliable approach for our clients to access financial support from the comfort of their homes/offices in real time. These strides in digitization are intended to accentuate our service offering,” Aijukwe stressed.

Letshego is a proudly Botswana-born retail finance organization with truly African roots spread across 11 markets, and a 22-year history of improving lives through inclusive financial solutions. Across the continent, the collective heartbeats and diversity of the people of Africa fuel the journeys, and indeed fuel the growth of this proudly African brand, leveraging digital technology and inspiring innovation to extend the reach of inclusive financial services to more customers.