Maj. Tom Magambo (middle), the new CID boss.
EC Village Verification

President Yoweri Museveni on January 25, appointed Dr. Tom Magambo (private) a director at Internal Security Organisations as a new Director for the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID).

Museveni further elevated Dr. Magambo to a rank of Major from private and in doing so, Maj. Magambo jumped nine ranks. By nature of his new assignment, Major Magambo becomes the man in the eyes of criminals who activities he is to watch over 24/7.

Maj. Tom Magambo Rwabudongo was born in 1978 and hails from Masindi District in Bunyoro Sub-Region.  Dr. Magambo attended Masindi Public school for his primary education before proceeding to Duhaga Secondary School in Hoima for both Ordinary and Advanced Levels from where he progressed to Makerere university.

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He joined Internal Security Organisation in 2002.

Prior to his appointment, he was the Coordinator of the Eastern Africa Fusion and Liaison Unit that brings together Intelligence Liaison Officers from the ten countries in the region: Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania, Djibouti, Burundi, and Rwanda. Before he was appointed to head the Regional Unit, he had served for twenty years in ISO where he rose to the highest rank of Chief Intelligence Officer (C.I.O) and was a Director of Analysis. Other responsibilities held in his career in ISO include heading Region Affairs where he was involved in EAC, IGAD, ICGLR, and AU Peace and Security Initiatives. He also served in the dockets of Internal Counter intelligence, and Policy Analysis. In terms of specialized training, he has done several Intelligence courses both within and abroad including with the US, Israel, UK, and Canada.

Dr. Magambo also served as Acting DISO in Rukungiri before heading to Ministry of Foreign Affairs as liaison officer.

He also served as Personal Assistant to the then Director General Brig. Ronnie Balya

Deputy Director Analysis before he subsequently replaced Lt. Col. Ambako Kyiburayi as director upon his retirement.

According to sources at ISO, Dr. Magambo is a down to earth but hardworking officer whose assignments are always handed in on time and this could explain why the appointing authority picked him.

His appointment is seen by many in security as boost to clean CID of old tendencies but also to weed out corrupt fellows that have hindered the fight against crime. Sources further revealed that prior to elections, top crime bosses made blunders that could have given the opposition an upper hand if it hadn’t been the watchful eye of a sister agency that countered the action. Sources further say the deal involving drones as well wasn’t well thought and this could probably explain the purge that is still ongoing.