For over ten years, Copy Trading – also known as copykat trading, social trading, auto trading, or mirror trading- has become increasingly popular and widely embraced. Thanks to social media and a faster internet connection, the spread of industry news updates, financial reports and market analysis are instantaneous.

Through the power of collective wisdom and sentiment analysis, copykat trading platforms have skyrocketed in popularity as investors develop profitable signals to enter the market with compelling trades that other traders can duplicate.

What is Copykat trading?

Copykat trading is a social trading platform that provides users with the opportunity to follow and replicate the trades of successful investors. Copykat offers an array of current data and analysis tools, as well as a vibrant community of experienced traders who can provide you with insight into the market.

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Copykat is ideal for those who want to trade like a professional but don’t have the time or expertise to do it independently. New traders can quickly become informed and generate income by replicating trades from successful investors. Moreover, there’s practically no risk as they can keep track of their results and customize their financial commitment at any moment.

How does Copykat work?

Copykat trading is an automated service that allows users to copy the trades of successful investors in real-time. The platform connects with many brokers and traders, allowing users to follow their trades quickly and easily. This enables those using the Copykat platform to access market information and analysis tools like experienced traders.

With Copykat, users can conveniently monitor their results and shift the exposure of their trades whenever they want. Plus, it comes with essential risk management tools such as stop loss orders which help minimize losses in case of unexpected market shifts.

Copykat’s ranking system helps you to discover the most successful traders so you can have a guide to choose the one that suits you best.

Benefits of Copykat trading

Copykat trading is the ideal way to begin your journey into online trading. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • CopyKat makes it straightforward for you to start investing with confidence.
  • By engaging with experienced trading professionals, you can gain insights without the risk of any repercussions.
  • CopyKat trading provides the opportunity to capitalize on lucrative profits in a swift and uncomplicated fashion.
  • With no prior knowledge or expertise in the sector, you can begin with a minimal investment.

What type of social trader are you?

If you’re beginning your trading journey, the first step is to decide which type of social trader best suits your needs. In the realm of social trading, there are two main categories – copy and mirror trading.


Copy-trading means that you are automatically copying another trader’s portfolio. This means that the primary trader makes all the decisions, and you copy what they do. With copy-trading, you don’t have to research or watch trends because the experienced trader you are following will make all the decisions for you.

Mirror trading:

In mirror trading, investors select a trading strategy (like what positions to open or close and how much money to spend) based on which currency pairs or indices they want to make money from. When the developer carries out the selected strategy, the same trade is automatically carried out in the investor’s account.

Final thoughts

Copykat trading offers an intuitive platform for those new to trading who want to gain experience quickly. By replicating the trades of experienced investors, you can learn from their successes without risking your own capital. With Copykat, there is no need to become a financial expert overnight or have expertise in the markets. Thanks to its comprehensive selection of educational resources and analysis tools, users can get to grips with online investing in record time. So why not give it a try?

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