Managing Director Absa Bank Uganda, Mumba Kalifungwa

US investor Alan Gator Chamberlain has defended his position claiming that ABSA tried to defraud him out of $9000 on December 2, 2022, which was ultimately returned to his bank. He claimed that the money was returned after his lawyer Chan Masereka wrote a letter of intent to sue.

In what is reported to be an organized cover the bank then proceeded to attack Mr. Chamberlain by deflecting the focus of the investigation by falsely claiming they never had a Swift payment in their system. But yet three other wire transfers were successfully transferred to the same Swift code?

Pictures of receipts and correspondence were provided by USAA to ABSA but were never acknowledged by ABSA. As well, they directed their smear campaign at Mr Chamberlain saying he used foul language and destruction of property.

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 “Who wouldn’t get upset when an international bank who you think you could trust not to steal your money simply loses a $9000 wire transfer and ignores you until you threaten to sue them? The money had to land somewhere. It just didn’t just go into cyberspace, hang there for 40 days and return on its own to my friend’s bank in the US after he threatened to sue them.” ABSA customer said.

Reports suggested that there could be fraud and theft involved at the upper level of management in the wire transfer department and the ‘ spin doctors’ are working hard to blame others to deflect attention. With regards to the allegations that Mr. Chamberlain could have caused danger to customers or employees, it appears to be an accusation that the blame should be lodged against ABSA instead of Chamberlain.

Damaged Door  

The door-to-door frame should be painted in a contrasting color from the surrounding wall for easy identification by persons with visual impairment. A door should be labeled in contrasting colors, in large print format and preferably engraved or brailed.

A frequently used door should open automatically and be equipped with a failsafe system that enables the door to open under emergency conditions.

The door implicated in the attack by ABSA Bank spokesperson Robina Mukasa against customer Mr. Chamberlain has none of the requirements required by Kampala building codes. As well, doors of this nature should be constructed of tempered glass (not cheaper plate glass) which does not shatter and possibly injure employees or customers.

The door alleged to be broken by Mr. Chamberlain also appears to have had a worn-out defective closure mechanism which had no ability to slow the rate of damping and no door stop to stop it from hitting a block planter.

ABSA Bank might be the guilty party that could be liable for endangering customers and employees by being in violation of building codes.

 “ABSA should be careful of throwing stones….especially when they live in a glass house!” a bank customer said.

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