The Government of Uganda is looking up to the Lohana International Business Forum to sign more investment deals in agribusiness, manufacturing and value addition. According to Investment Minister Evelyn Anite, Lohana International Business Forum, to be held at Speke Resort and Conference Centre, Munyonyo, from March 20-22, aims to attract more Lohanas across the world to come and invest in Uganda. 

“The major areas of focus for this year’s Lohana International Business Forum will be Agribusiness, manufacturing and value addition. We envisage this to attract many more Lohanas and the international community to invest in Uganda,” she told journalists at the media centre in Kampala on Tuesday, 14 March 2023. She explained that the Lohana International Business Forum will showcase the opportunities for business and investment in Uganda as well as provide a platform for Lohana delegates to have a stand to promote their companies to the Ugandan business community. 

“We thank the Lohana Community for investing in Uganda, like Sudhir, Mehta, Madhvani, Dawda and many others, we want more Lohanas from across the world to come and invest in Uganda,” she added. The minister added that following the Afro-Indian Investment Summit 2022, the government of Uganda offered Indian investors the 500-acre industrial park in Hoima, for agro value-addition, manufacturing, ICT and services. “We want products, services and jobs,” she said. Mohan Rao, the Chairman of Indian Association Uganda, said the summit will attract 700 Lohana investors from all over the world. 

“To commemorate 100 years of Indian Association Uganda, we had Afro-Indian Investment Summit that raked in $169.5M in investments. Lohana International Business Forum follows it. Will bring 700 Lohana investors from all over the world,” Rao said. He said Uganda is a peaceful country with a conducive investment climate. “We’re 27,000 Indians in Uganda, which has welcomed us.

Some have lived here for over 100 years. We’ve learnt to eat matooke, groundnuts and enjoy wonderful peace,” he said. “As Chair of Indian Association Uganda, I welcome the Lohana International Business Forum in Uganda. Come as visitors, stay as investors. Our stay in Uganda is peaceful, pleasant and profitable. We who came ahead will support you. Come invest in Uganda,” he added. House of Dawda’s Binay Dawda said: “We chose Uganda because it’s centrally located giving access to EAC, Great Lakes Region and continental Africa. We shall have 750 serious investors who’ll sign serious MoUs and deals

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