President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has told off the Western countries to stop what he called imposing their culture on Africa.

Museveni who was addressing Uganda’s parliament on Thursday said the ” Europeans should stop wasting time”promoting gays’ actvities in Africa.

“The homosexuals are deviations from normal. We need medical experts to explain the deviant otherwise Europeans should stop wasting their time enforcing their culture on Africans. Europeans marry their cousins and other relatives but here we don’t,” he said.
He said sex  in African culture “sex confidential. Even heterosexuals do it confidentially. How do we come to know that you are a homosexual unless you publicise it?” he asked.

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Human and gay rights activits have condemned the Uganda parliament which has retabled the anti-gay bill  which seeks to criminalise same-sex relationships.

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