Jamil Mukulu
Jamil Mukulu
Jamil Mukulu
Jamil Mukulu

A senior rebel commander of the Ugandan rebel group Allied Democratic Forces has dismissed reports that their leader, Jamil Mukulu was arrested three weeks ago in Tanzania.

The commander, who does not want to be named for security reasons, told Eagle online that Mr Mukulu, who is on the Interpol wanted list of criminals, was “free and secure”.

“Those are stories fabricated by our enemies. Our leader is secure and free,” he said.

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There were media reports that Mukulu had been arrested in Tanzania and that Uganda government was working with Tanzania to extradite him to Kampala.

ADF rebels launched an attack on Uganda in 1996 and killed hundreds of people including the infamous attack on Kichwamba in which about 80 students were burned to death in their dormitories.

Mukulu is also blamed for a spate of bomb attacks in Kampala in the late 1990s before his cells were burst by Ugandan intelligence and security agencies.

The ADF group was later weakened it withdrew back to DR Congo where it has allegedly been killing civilians. Between October 2014 and January the rebel group had massacred over 100 people in Beni.

In 2007, the ADF made incursions into western Uganda along the Muzizi River, near Semliki National Park in Bundibugyo District. But the Ugandan the Ugandan military counter-attacked and over 100 rebels were killed.

Last year, the Congolese government forces, FARDC and the UN forces launched a military offensive against ADF bases. In retaliation, the rebels massacred civilian population in Beni.


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