I am aware of the IGG investigations and Litigation

Kampala-A concerned Ugandan has threatened the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Sports, Jessica Alupo with intention to drag her to court claiming she is indulging in illegal recruitment at the Ministry.
In the plaint dated April 2, 2015 and filed through M/s Isabirye and Company Advocates, Mr David Lubwama alleges that the Ministry of Education is currently recruiting staff under the Directorate of Higher Technical Vocational Education and training which process is not backed by any existing law.
Consequently Mr Lubwama wants the recruitment being carried in the directorate of higher technical and training at the Ministry to be halted until a new structure is in place with harmonized roles, key functions and expected output. Lubwama also wants Alupo restrained from interfering with the mandate of the Permanent Secretary in the ministry in respect of the technical running of the ministry.
On May 9, 2014, the Education Service Commission received a submission from Permanent Secretary to the Secretary Education Service Commission, Dr. J. G Mbabazi which was referenced ADM 75/239/01 requesting the commission to fill 22 vacant posts at the ministry headquarters. And upon placing an advert some staff at the ministry protested against the commission’s decision to advertise the posts by opening up a case of abuse of office against the commission under CIID (hqts) under Gef 493/2014. They also filed a civil case MISC cause No. 73 of 2014 which was later withdrawn
In a notice to the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education, the Solicitor General requested to be availed with the relevant information regarding the allegations spelt out.
Mr. Elisha Bafirawala, who signed on behalf of the Solicitor General, and copied to the Inspector General of Government, The Auditor General and the Secretary Education Service Commission says there should be a restructure at Ministry of Education as ordered by the Inspectorate of government which is to suit the current legal framework and the current new mandate of science and technology to avoid wastage of tax payers money through litigation.
“We have been served with a copy of a statutory notice pursuant to section 2 of the civil procedure miscellaneous provision and limitation act by Mr David Lubwama signifying his intentions to sue government of Uganda for actions of Maj. Jessica Alupo Epel, the Minister of Education, Science Technology and Sports.” Mr Bafirawala wrote April 7, 2015.
Ms Alupo couldn’t answer our repeated calls when Eagle Online tried to get her side of the story.

But in her letter dated March 27, 2015, Alupo said the challenges affecting the recruitment process are clearly explained and therefore, no worries to halt programme.
“Whereas I have been aware of some of the challenges like the litigation process and the Inspector General of Government(IGG) investigations, some of the directives that the commission has received like halting the process of recruitment after the IGG clearance are totally new to me”

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