Gen David Sejusa.



The nonsense Gen. David Sejusa.
The nonsense Gen. David Sejusa.

The former Coordinator of Intelligence Services Gen. David Sejusa has apologized to the Muslims of Kyengera for comments he made about their early Morning Prayer session, Adhan.

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Today July 15, 2015, evening the maverick army general visited the Kyengera Mosque, where he delivered his apologies, telling the Muslim community there that at the time he was feeling powerful.

In December 2002 Sejusa, then living in Kyengera, told the Muslims that he and some other residents were perturbed by the blaring loud speakers during the morning prayer session, something that later made him abandon his plush home for Naguru, an upscale residential area on the outskirts of Kampala.

However, in January 2003 the then Imam Sheik Abdul-Hakim Ssenfuka wrote to the Gen.Sejusa then Tinyefuza urging him to return to his house saying the issue had been resolved.

“We have accepted to lower the volume of the speakers. It is now down to level one from level four, which we think will be convenient for you and other residents,” the media quoted Sheikh Ssenfuka as saying then. However, Sejusa did not go back.


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