Police has this morning denied media reports and civil society reports that it is holding the National Coordinator of the Jobless Brotherhood, Norman Tumuhimbise, who reportedly went missing early last week.

According to available information, while on the Morning Breeze show on NBSTV, Tumuhimbise reportedly called Youth Minister Evelyn Anite a ‘courageous fool’.

Subesquently, Tumuhimbise claimed he received a call from the Media Crimes Department at the Kibuli CIID headquarters “inviting me to record a statement in regard to what I had said on NBS television.” He reportedly snubbed the police summons saying he was ‘busy and had no time to waste’.

Little was known about the police involvement till Robert Mayanja, a workmate of Tumuhimbise claimed his colleague was last seen on August 19 at 7pm heading home, prompting him to file a ‘missing person’ statement with police.

But according to police spokesman Fred Enanga, the police neither know Tumuhimbise’s whereabouts nor about the accuracy of Mayanja’s claims.

“The media reports have said it’s the police, however we have cross-checked with all our points and none has Norman” Mr Enanga said, adding: “We are talking this as a serious matter and in case we find out it’s a false call, we shall have Robert who wrote the statement explain more.”

Meanwhile, Police has detained two fraudsters at the Central Police Station in Kampala, who masquerade as policemen from the Flying Squad Unit.

According to police, Muhammad Ndugga and Nathan Kakuru and others at large arrest unsuspecting people using fake arrest warrants and drive them around the city with the aim of extorting money.

“This arrest is a case study; we are going to use these two to crackdown on the rest of this racket which has been rushing to people’s homes,”Mr Enanga said, adding:

“We caution the public to demand for identification from anyone who comes to them as a police officer, whether in uniform or not, they must possess a warrant card.”